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About Us

KC Medals. We design and bespoke the medals for all kind of sports now , Karate ,Judo, Boxing, football, swimming etc.

We are specialists in the design of bespoke medals. Many of our medals are for recognition of ability in sport and competition; we like to think our medals are special and that's why every competitor strives to win!

We are different from other suppliers in that you can design your own medals to suit your own particular requirements. Over the years our customers have designed medals based on all sorts of basic shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles as well as irregular shapes; they have often then use their own logo or picture to complete the design of the medal. In this way all your competitors easily distinguish and remember the event that you have organised for them - it's also a great way to advertise your club or competition!

We have several in-house designers; they are all first-class artists in their own-right.  Our artists typically specialise in the field of decorative art and graphic design.

We have production facilities in Guangzhou, China and so we are therefore able to control the complete process. This allows us to quickly expedite and progress all orders and guarantee the quality of our products.  It also means we can provide you with  a firm delivery date for your order every time!

We treat customers service very seriously; we understand that  you are critical to our success; we therefore promise to provide you with the best quality products and services at all time.

We have customers throughout the world; typically we complete the design on your behalf and despatch the goods in the UK by City Link; in other cases we despatch the goods direct from our production facility in China by UPS, DHL or FedEx etc.

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